cormac maccarthy

me lusta mucho este señor. me recuerda un poco a haneke, y en una entrevista de las, por lo visto pocas que ha hecho, sorprende ver que es un tío majo. vamos, que no es un psicópata.

esta es la entrevista

y me ha llamado mucho la atención esto:

There's certainly an aesthetic to mathematics and science. It was one of the ways Paul Dirac got in trouble. He was one of the great physicists of the 20th century. But he really believed, as other physicists did, that given the choice between something which was logical and something which was beautiful, they would opt for the aesthetic as being more likely to be true. When [Richard] Feynman put together his updated version of quantum electrodynamics, Dirac didn't think it was true because it was ugly. It was messy. It didn't have the clarity, the elegance, that he associated with great mathematical or physical theory. But he was wrong. There's no one formula for it.

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