Revista de prensa -

"Cuando estoy en un sitio en el que no debo estar
me quiero morir

o matarte
sin prisa
pero sin pausa.

A veces me conformaría con que te callaras,
a veces daría dinero porque te callaras,
a veces daría mi vida porque te callaras,
a veces decapitaría por un segundo de silencio."

Cosas que joden, Mama ladilla (fragmento)


"Una pala para gobernarlos a todos
Una pala para encontrarlos
Una pala para atraerlos a todos y enterrarlos en las tinieblas
En la tierra de la Prospe donde reinan las zanjas."


Y este es un mail que le escribí a mi ex compañero de piso australiano el 23rd Dec 2001:

ear, Dear, Dear Mr Paul and Mrs Suze

In response to your email dated whenever, I would like to leave some whatever points clear, in order to avoid some potentially mischevious misunderstandings.
Finally, I am obviously not an expert about Australian canons of Beauty, but I have been literally described as a 'sexy Spanish semental'. As we say in Spanish, beans are boiled everywhere (kilie minogue esta pa mojar pan)
Thirdly, the fact that You (in adelante, bloody australian) do not like my sexy socks DOES NOT IMPLY that they are unattractive. Again, we are dealing with a question of imposed tastes Australian society has endowed you with. As we say in Spanish, cats wearing gloves are utterly uncapable of catching mice succesfully (Inglaterra deberia estar hundida en el
In place whatever, I do strongly recommend you to play lottery. I am sure there is a reason somewhere. As a very close friend of mine used to say, 'Open me the candela please in the morning'. He obviously did not have the slightest idea of what that meant, but he was
very happy to show off with his English skills.
To continue with this mess, what do you mean with 'you are not worth the money required to pay to go online in an internet cafe?' Money, money, money, always money. May be it should be spiced up a little bit, perhaps with some naked girls and boys (always remember that the gay community has got rights, as well) making sex happily. Is it possible to carry out sexual intercourse unhappily? May be, there are lots of strange people out there. You never know when you are going to meet one. And, as we say in Spain, barking sheeps miss mouthfuls of grass very often in autumn (kylie minoghe bien merece un buen par de polvos, no crees?)
In place 'n', I do not expect you to understand anything of this, mmmm, email? I did not even expect myself to understand it. May be kylie minogue will, forward her this message, I know you all know each other down there, dont you? About what I am up to now, I have just rap** a couple of squirrels and now I am going to shave some frogs (they love it!!!!) By the way, I do live in a third floor, so please train thoroughly so as to be fit at the time of the Final Throw.
I dont remember when did you send me your email, but you know how things work up here. As someone I dont know said, 'today's greatest labour-saving device is tomorrow'. Besides, never ruin an apology with an excuse (Y ke me dices de la Nicole Kidman? menudo restregon ke le mete el Robbie Willie en el video ke han hecho juntos en la fake cottage, me he ekivokado
de carrera).
Say hello to Suze, as well, and tell jer, sorry, her to be patient with you and to be very, very, very, happy. What was the name of the Australian groups you showed me? One was Manic street peaches. What about the other one?
Buy, I mean, Bye!!!!!

PS. Bumping and grinding? sneak up? ok, you win.

Do You Yahoo!?

No, Nunca.

Un beso, O.

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